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1000 Gauge Polythene sheet 23 Kg

1000 Gauge Polythene 23 Kg, Standard heavy duty quality polythene sheet Perfect for protecting roofing, protection against weather, mixing cement

Aluminum Bar 6 meter بار المونيوم

Aluminum Bar 6 meter بار المونيوم طول 6 متر لتسوية البلاستر

Artificial Stones حجر صناعي

Artificial Stones Manufacturing, supply & installation of artificial stone as per requested design.   حجر صناعي عالي الجودة بنفس شكل

Austrian White wood خشب ابيض مربيع

Austrian White wood, Austrian white wood is widely used in the Construction Site all over the world. using for farm

Black Annealed Binding Wire سلك ربط صلب أسود

Black Annealed Binding Wire سلك ربط صلب اسود

Central Water Heating System نظام تسخين المياه المركزي

Central Water Heating System, Usually centralized hot water is powered by natural gas, where having a gas hot water system in individual apartments

Chalk Line بكرة خط الطباشير

Chalk line or chalk box is a tool for marking long, straight lines on relatively flat surfaces, much farther than

Chipping Hammer مطرقة تقليم

Chipping Hammer. chipping hammer is a tool used to remove welding slag from a weld and welding spatter from along

Circular Saw Blade 9″ اسطوانه دائرية

Circular Saw Blade 9″ اسطوانة منشار دائرية 9 أنش

Concrete Drill Bits بنطه خرسانة

Concrete Drill Bits بنطه لتكسير الخرسانة

Concrete Flat Chisel ازميل خرسانة مسلحة

Concrete flat Chisel is designed to break up concrete floors, sidewalks and paving slabs. When an air hammer would be