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100A MccB Malaysia

Molded Case Circuit Breaker, Model : ABN103c, Pole : 3P, Rated Current(A) : 75, 100, Interrupting Capacity

13A Double Socket MK UK سوكت مزدوج

13A Double Socket MK UK A range of sockets in the Logic Plus and Albany Plus styles, designed to combat

13A Single Socket MK UK سوكت فردي

13A Single Socket MK UK. British standard PVC single socket, سوكت فردي صناعة انجليزية

CCTV (closed-circuit television) Installation

CCTV. IP camera Installation, security system supply and installation of high quality security cameras. surveillance and security purposes

Circular LED ceiling light لمبة سقف دائرية

Circular LED ceiling light, LED ceiling lights and ultimately save energy as well as cutting down your bills. These last 35

Double Socket with USB S7 مفتاح مزدوج مع USB S7

Double Socket with USB S7 British standard modern Double socket with USB مفتاح مزدوج مع مخرج USB S7

Energy saving lamp لمبة توفير الطاقة

Energy saving lamps are sources of artificial light that employ advanced technology to reduce the amount of electricity used to generate

Fire Extinguisher 2kg ABC Dry Powder طفاية حريق بودرة 2 كجم

Fire Extinguisher 2kg ABC Dry Powder. Intended use: A- Ordinary solid combustibles B- Flammable liquids and gases C- Energized electrical